• Which markets does the strategy trade in?

The strategy trades the index futures (S&P, Nasdaq, Dow, Russel 2k).

  • How much does this trading signals service cost?

We charge a monthly performance fee based on the high watermark rule.

  • Which broker should I use to follow the trading signals?

You will need a futures broker that offers the Metatrader 5 platform. We use AMP Futures to trade this strategy. It has the lowest margin requirements for futures contracts, and also offer very low commissions. In the future, we will roll out a Ninjatrader 8 based program that will work across more futures brokers.

  • How do I sign up for the trading signals?

You can sign up through the FX Blue trade copier. We require subscribers to understand and accept all risks of following trading signals.

  • What is the minimum starting capital required to follow the trading signals?

We recommend a minimum starting capital of $25,000. This will ensure that the account can handle the required margins needed to initiate all the trades signaled by the strategy.

  • How should I scale my account to follow the trading signals?

Subscribers can set their own risk settings when following the trading signals. The default method is to scale it based on relative equity (account size between investor and master account). However, there are other ways to scale such as fixed size, contract per equity, etc. Refer to the trade copy receiver guide for more info after you signed up with an account with FX Blue.

  • Does this strategy use stop loss to manage risk?

This strategy uses both price and time based stops to manage risk.

  • What is the average drawdown that can be expected from this strategy?

Based on our historical trades, the strategy can experience a maximum drawdown of 15-20%. Subscribers can reduce their risk by reducing their risk parameters within the FX Blue receiver settings.

  • What is the expected target returns per month?

The strategy trades on a daily basis, thus compounding profits each time. Expected returns per month is about 5%. During high volatility, you may see double digit growth since the strategy takes advantage of the increased market ranges.

  • How about price slippages when orders are executed?

FX Blue copier platform reads all trading signals as market orders. This means, as orders are executed on the model account (whether as market or limit), the signals are sent to subscribers as market orders at current market price. In times of high volatility, the execution of the trade signals can experience large slippages resulting in additional gains or losses.

  • Why do investors need to bother with incorporating futures in their portfolio?

Futures was created as a risk management vehicle. It is used by a wide variety of market participants to hedge their risk or to speculate for profits. The Spooz Daily Scalps trading signals is a great addition to any investor's portfolio as a way to diversify into the futures market.

  • What's the deal with the company name "Broke Ass Capital"?

The term "broke ass" is an endearing term. Most of us do not come from inherited wealth. We understand that to get ahead in life, we must educate ourselves, work hard, and invest. In essence, we all seek to gain financial independence starting from being "broke asses".